TextSheet Alternative – Free [2019]

TextSheet Alternative – Free [2019]

In this article, we have discussed the online educational platform TextSheet. We have also provided some links to the website that can be termed as Textsheet Alternative in 2019.


textsheet alternative

TextSheet is an online educational platform that used to provide enhanced solutions to questions asked by the users. It was generally used as a reference to the homework problems given to the students. The known creator of the Text sheet website is someone with the alias Sultran.

Textsheet uses to provide answers for the Chegg online practice papers. The solutions were presented using a Chegg API that used to scrape the question from the link provided by the user.

Chegg is an American informational technology platform that is based on Santa Clara, California. It used to provide the user with some questions, homework assistance, and various educational assets. The main level of academics that Chegg used to target was high school and college. It was one of the best educational platforms for students. The name was derived by hybridizing the two words – Chicken and Egg.

TextSheet is currently banned from the Internet because of some copyright infringements that Chegg laid on them. The DMCA copyright violation forced Text sheet to shut down their website. They used to provide the users with solutions to the problems available at Chegg.

textsheet alternative

Chegg was scraped by TextSheet’s Chegg API for the questions. The user interface was quite neat and clean. The user would enter the Chegg question’s URL into the section, and the Text sheet would search the URL for the problem. Answers with a detailed explanation were provided further.

TextSheet Alternative

Sadly, Text sheet cannot be accessed through the Internet by anyone. To help students in finding some Textsheet alternative, we have provided a list of some of the best Textsheet alternatives that can be accessed by the students in the present time.

Here is the list of the Textsheet alternative.


textsheet alternative

The best Textsheet alternative is Chegg itself. Text sheet used to use Chegg API to scrape the website for questions and their solutions. Chegg is an American educational platform that helped the high school and college students in their academics, homework assistance, and many other scholarly fields.

Chegg demands some registration fee that is used as the cost for all the services. The user can then rent books for studies, get free questions, and homework helps.

Course Hero

textsheet alternative

Course Hero is an educational platform, just like Chegg. It is based on Redwood City, California. It has the same services as Chegg. It offers study materials and various other educational facilities such as book renting, and question papers.


This was our post on the Text sheet. We have provided details and reasons for the banning of the Text sheet. On the other hand, for people looking out for Textsheet alternative, we also listed some of the best Textsheet alternatives available on the Internet currently in 2019.

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